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Emotional Wellness: How to Check on Your Emotional Health Right Now

Emotional wellness is important to your overall health. People with excellent emotional health can identify coping with negative thoughts and feelings and understand the importance of acknowledging how they feel. However, being emotionally healthy is not the same as always being happy. Just because you’re happy doesn’t mean that you’re emotionally healthy.

Your emotional wellness relies on having a set of activities that regularly help you acknowledge and express your feelings. People with an understanding of emotional health know how to manage both negative and positive feelings without becoming overwhelmed by them. They know when situations become too difficult to manage and seek help if needed. Learning to deal with your emotional health is a skill that takes time to develop.

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What is Emotional Wellness?

For starters, it’s not the same as mental health or wellness. The two phrases are often used interchangeably without a clear understanding of the difference between them. Mental wellness or health focuses on how we mentally cope with our feelings. However, emotional wellness is about being in tune with our emotions at all times and understanding how that affects our daily routine. Emotional wellness or emotional well-being is the last self-care dimension.

The National Institute of Health defines emotional wellness as “ the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times.” This means that you must learn how you deal with and manage your negative thoughts, feelings, and actions during uncomfortable situations. It also focuses on how positively identify and understand these emotions. It’s important to have healthy coping skills to deal with uncomfortable emotions, like anger, anxiety, and sadness, which is why I’ve been focusing on this dimension all month.

How to Check on Your Emotional Well-Being?

Having excellent emotional health is the path to fostering resilience, self-awareness, and overall happiness. Keep in mind that it doesn’t mean you’ll always be happy just because you’re taking care of yourself. Life happens and sometimes we need to take some time off to deal with ourselves emotionally.

Your emotional wellness allows you to be productive and cope with daily stressors such as work and school. It can help you to realize when something is wrong or help you to fulfill your life purpose. There are lots of things you can do to check on your emotional health, such as:

  • Paying attention to your stressors: Know what your stressors are to better manage and cope with them. This means noticing when your mood shifts from positive to negative throughout the day.
  • Knowing when to take breaks: Don’t force yourself to do a million tasks at once. Take your time, and take breaks to mentally and emotionally recuperate from the situation at hand.
  • Learning to express how you feel correctly: If you’re lashing out, then something is wrong. Find out what is causing you to react this way and express those concerns to the people around you.
  • Please think before you speak or act: Give yourself time to figure out what you want to say or do before doing it. If you don’t, then you might do something that you will regret later on.
  • Stay Positive: Regardless of the situation, always try to maintain a positive mindset. If you don’t know how to maintain a positive mindset, then read this.
  • Find something that gives meaning to your life: No one goes through life without a purpose. Find what drives your passions and follow them.
  • Always practice self-care and self-love: Never give up on practicing self-care and self-love. There are so many ways to do this, and it’s easy. Just take a few minutes each day to make sure that you’re ready to tackle the day in front of you.
  • Never hold your feelings back: Tell them how you feel, whether it’s good or bad. Holding back your feelings is detrimental to your health and does no justice for anyone.
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Why is it important?

Working on your emotional wellness is just as important as taking care of your physical or mental health. In fact, without taking care of it, you run the risk of having issues such as depression, anxiety, gaining weight, high blood pressure, and death. There are many ways you can take care of your emotional health through self-care. Without emotional self-care, you’d be pent up with negative emotions and on the verge of exploding all the time.

Taking care of your emotional wellness is a process that cannot be rushed. And, chances are you’re already doing what you have to do to take care of it. As you go through these tips, remember that it’s not a race to see who can finish them first. It’s about equipping yourself with the tools needed to successfully go through life without having a meltdown.

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6 thoughts on “How to Check on Your Emotional Health Right Now”

  1. I truly like all the points above especially taking breaks. I find that just getting up and walking around the block where I live works well as it gives me time to reflect.

  2. I truly did not know the difference between mental health and emotional health. It truly is good to check on our emotions and know that everything is good. Taking breaks away from social media and know what could be stressing you out is good to see what is triggers. Such a good information.

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