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04 Spiritual Life Changing Self Care Practices

Self care is becoming more mainstream by the minute. People are starting to understand the importance and benefits of it finally. It’s crucial to practice self care, especially if you want to live a healthier and more fulfilling life. However, for some people, starting the self care journey is more complicated than doing it. 

It’s normal to be a little hesitant about practicing self-care when you’re new to it. That’s why I recommend starting with practicing spiritual self care. Regardless of how it sounds, it’s not only for religious people. Spiritual self care is about finding ways to connect with nature, ourselves, or a higher being. Many people underestimate the importance of taking care of the spirit. Our spirits give us truths, values, beliefs and make up the core of who we are. 

So, if you’re new to self-care or you want to add a few more activities into your routine, then here are a few spiritual life changing self care practices.

Spiritual Self Care Practices That Will Change Your Life | Life-Changing Self Care Practices
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Life-Changing Self Care Practices 

Practice Gratitude 

Gratitude is one of my favorite forms of spiritual self care. It’s easy and requires zero dollars. There are many ways you can practice gratitude, whether it’s through journaling or simply saying thank you to someone. Practicing gratitude helps improve your health, boost mood, increase happiness, lower mortality rates, and shift your mindset. It teaches you how to look on the bright side of certain situations and promotes healthy social connections. 

If you’re looking for new ways to practice gratitude, then read this


If you’re someone whose constantly stressed or anxious, then consider practicing meditation. Not only is it a great way to care for your spiritual and emotional self care, but it puts the body and mind at ease. It’s a technique to focus your mind on a single thought and eliminate all unnecessary thoughts and distractions. Some of the benefits of meditation include gaining stress management skills, reducing negative emotions, and improving mental clarity. Also, meditation can help when you’re feeling overwhelmed with emotion

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Take Deep Breathes 

Deep breathing is one of the most crucial self care practices you can use anytime and anywhere. When you take deep breathes, it sends messages to the brain and body to stop, calm down, and relax. The best part is that deep breathing does not take time out of your day. Instead, you can incorporate a few deep breathing exercises into your daily routine by setting aside a minute or two to do it. 

Here are a few of my favorite deep breathing exercises 

  • Pursued Lip Breathing 
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Breath Focus Technique 
  • Lion’s Breathe
  • Alternate Nostril Breathing 

You can learn about these exercises by reading “10 Breathing Techniques” on Healthline


If you’re like me, then you might not be the fittest person around, and that’s okay. One of the most effortless and most relaxing forms of physical self care you can do that also incorporates spiritual and mental self care is Yoga. There are tons of benefits to practicing yoga, such as improved strength and flexibility, pain relief, relaxation, boosts mood and energy, and better sleep. Yoga teaches the body and mind to check itself when it’s stressed and regulate blood flow. 

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Why Should You Practice Spiritual Self Care?

At its core, practicing self-care is just good common sense. To stay healthy and happy, you need to take care of yourself both physically and mentally. By implementing these practices regularly, you’ll help ensure that you improve your overall wellness.  Spirituality has many meanings and interpretations. It depends on how you were raised, the environment, and your current beliefs. Regardless of who you are, everyone must tend to their spiritual needs here and there. 

Practicing spiritual self care isn’t complicated, expensive, or even religious. It’s simply taking a small amount of time off to care for your inner peace by doing something that allows you to connect with nature or a divine god. While you may not believe that these are life changing self care practices, I encourage you to try these out and see for yourself.

Let me know if you found these life changing self care practices useful, and good luck on your wellness journey.

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