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03 Ways the Golden Rule Bible Verse Will Change Your Life

If a rule defined happiness, maturity, and spiritual well-being, that rule would be the golden rule bible verse from  Matthew 7:12.  If you’re a Christian, then you probably know how the bible verse goes.  It says, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” You don’t have to be a Christian or believe in Jehovah for this to be true and make sense.  Just like Gravity, this law is omnipresent, and all that tries to defy it or ignore it will fall, so let us not try to beat it. 

How will this simple law help your spiritual and overall well-being?

Before we start, though, I want you to realize the full extent of this rule by putting it like this: “Do onto others (and yourself), how you wish others would do unto you.” Here’s how following the golden rule will help improve your spiritual wellbeing. 

It will bring you peace. 

Yes, the first property of this rule is that it will allow you to know the peace of mind. Often in our lives, we find ourselves fighting our conscience about the things we did to others that we know inside that weren’t good.  No matter how many times we try to justify it to ourselves about the righteousness of our decisions and give alibis to why we did what we did, our soul knows better, and it keeps judging us for it in the silence of our minds. It gives us nightmares, cold sweats, and even voices. 

Why do we do this to ourselves? 

Why don’t we follow the golden rule bible verse and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you? If we do so, will we have to fight ourselves later, knowing that we did to them what we wish they did to us?

Imagine you are arguing with someone. You both are screaming and telling how each of you is right.  Now, in a moment of clarity, you decide to do what you wish the other person would do: To listen to you. You stop and try to understand and listen to the other person’s point of view, you put yourself in their shoes, and you realize that what the other person wants is what you want. 

  • Will you solve the argument? 
  • Will you feel better? 
  • Will you have hellish nightmares about that argument, or will it pass like a breeze?
03 Ways the Golden Rule Bible Verse Will Change Your Life Right Now

 It will make you more mature. 

Yes. This rule will allow you to take the “higher ground” in many instances in life, but not because you will be “better” than others, but because you will behave in ways that will surprise people. 

Let us say that someone started to scream at you for no apparent reason. Of course, you will be taken aback, and your first instinct will be to shout back or slap the person in the face. Putting your mad martial arts skill aside, you hold your ground and calmly ask what is going on, if that person is feeling ok, or why that person decided to scream at you. 

How will the other person react? Will she keep screaming? If she does, you apply the rule again, and you conclude that the other person is not in conditions to talk, and you excuse yourself. 


It will allow you to detach and forgive. 

Suppose we put ourselves in other people’s shoes using this rule and do what we wish it’d be done to us. In that case, we gain the ability to detach and let go of people because we realize that everyone has their will and may not completely understand their reasons.  We also gain the power to forgive ourselves for our silly and foolish mistakes because this rule reminds us that we are flawed humans. 


It’s simple. Ask yourself, what I wish someone would do to me after this mistake I just made? The answer will probably be: “I wish that the other person understood why I made a mistake, forgave me, and didn’t call that mistake on me every time I did one just like it,” right? Right. Now that you have the answer do that to yourself.  If you broke up with someone, would you like that person to understand your reasons for it and let you go? Yes? Then do that for other people. 

This is it.

The golden rule is the most straightforward rule when it comes to peace of mind and mental health. Do onto others (and yourself) how you wish others would do unto you.

Julio Carlos
Julio Carlos

Julio Carlos is a writer, author of the motivational book titled Lifter, blogger and Self-Development Podcaster.

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