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03 Ways to Avoid Getting Overwhelmed by Your Emotions

How many times has someone told you to smile more? For me, too many times to count.

When I lived upstate, so many people would tell me to smile more and stop dwelling on my problems. The issue was that it felt like a constant battle between expressing my concerns and faking a smile to please others. After a while, hiding the pain behind a forced smile became second nature, and it worked. People left me alone, and I went about my school and workdays as if everything was okay. But, that all changed when I decided life was not worth it anymore.

I went down a destructive route. I was partied weekly, failed my college courses, drank frequently, and stopped caring about life. This destructive path affected my friends, family, and boyfriend.

Finally, I sought help through therapy and learned how to manage my depression and emotions and not let them overtake me. Through therapy, I learned three ways to calm myself down when I am overwhelmed with emotion, which I will share in this post.

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Avoid Getting Overwhelmed by Your Emotions

Take Deep Breathes

Taking deep breathes is one of the best ways to destress the body. When you breathe deeply, it sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax, and this message is sent to the body. Also, deep breathing comes with major health benefits such as pain relief, improved immunity, lower blood pressure, posture correction, and increased energy.

Here’s some great deep breathing exercises.


If you’re stressed, anxious, worried, or emotionally drained, then you should consider practicing meditation. Spending a few minutes a day meditating can will restore your sense of peace and calmness. Meditation is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine that produces a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. During meditation, you focus your mind on a single thought and eliminate all unnecessary thoughts and distractions. Some of the benefits of meditation include gaining stress management skills, reducing negative emotions, and improving mental clarity.

Take a Break

Taking a break once in a while is beneficial to your emotional well-being and mental and spiritual well-being. It helps prevent stress, increases productivity and energy, and lowers your chances of suffering from depression or anxiety. Your brain needs time to recuperate from overworking and being stressed. When you’re overworked, you’re more likely to experience mood swings, lack of attention, changes in appetite, lack of motivation, and extreme tiredness or exhaustion.


Sometimes you must feel the pain to heal. It’s better than keeping it in and waiting until you explode. No one deserves to feel like they’re not allowed to feel anything or act on those emotions.

It’s normal to experience negative emotions once in a while. Emotions play an important role in how we think and behave. The emotions we feel each day can compel us to take action and influence the decisions we make about our lives. There are many ways to avoid getting overwhelmed by your emotions. Some of the most popular ways you can avoid getting overwhelmed by your emotions are proper self-care and self-love.

Life happens. It’s not perfect. It’s okay to feel pain or any emotion. Take the time to pause and reflect on these feelings, don’t let them overwhelm you.

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