Monthly Blog Review: March 2021

Monthly Blog Review

It’s always important to review your monthly goals, accomplishments, and what you can do next month. This month, my goal was to have content prewritten and scheduled at least a month in advance, make my first workbook sale, and focus on Pinterest for advertising workbook. In this monthly blog review, I will share what worked and didn’t work this month, and what I hope to accomplish in April.

Before I get into the details of how I launched my workbook, let’s take a look at March’s blog stats.

  • Sales Revenue: $0
  • Pageviews: 400
  • Number of Subscribers: 28
  • FB Page Followers: 146
  • Twitter Followers: 464
  • IG Followers: 452 (Deleted lots of inactive and bot accounts)
  • Pinterest Views: 18k
  • Pinterest Followers: 383

This month I trended a few times on instagram and saw an uptick in blog engagement on Instagram, but unfortunately I did not make any sales.

Table Of Contents

Sales Review

This month I sold nothing. I think I need to change my marketing tactics and try something new. I am going to try advertising on Facebook and Instagram to see if that would help. I am also going to incorporate video.

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Blog Review

Top Three Performing Posts

All of March’s Posts

Major Wins

Though I did not make a workbook sale, like I wanted to, I did trend a few times on Instagram which boosted my online presence a lot. I used instagram reels to share tips and to share fun ways to practice self love. I also made lots of new friends and increased my domain authority by one.

March Blogging Themes

Next month, I plan to focus on the self-care dimension spirituality and Easter.

My March Goals

  • Make at least one sale
  • Start planning for my small biz
  • Increase domain authority by 2

Were you able to accomplish all your goals this month? Let me know in the comments.

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