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Monthly Blog Review: Launched My First Digital Product

Monthly Blog Review

It’s always important to review your monthly goals, accomplishments, and what you can do next month. This month, my goal was to niche down, restart the blog, get my name back out there, and launch a product.

In this monthly blog review, I will share a major win, which was that I launched my first digital product – The 06 Dimensions of Self-Care Workbook.

Before I get into the details of how I launched my workbook, let’s take a look at February’s blog stats.

  • Sales Revenue: $5.00
  • Pageviews: 1,544
  • Number of Subscribers: 27
  • FB Page Followers: 139
  • Twitter Followers: 414
  • IG Followers: 530
  • Pinterest Followers: 35k

Since relaunching the blog, I’ve definitely seen an uptick in blog engagement compared to before the hiatus. I hope to continue on this upward hill in my follower count and email subscriber list.

Table Of Contents

Sales Review

This month, I also had my first sale on my Floral Printable Weekly Planner Bundle, which was exciting! It may have only been $5.00, but that’s still something. I didn’t promote this product because I was too focused on promoting my workbook.

I was surprised. Next month, I plan to equally distribute my promotions on all products with the hopes of increasing sales.

Most Sold Product

Blog Review

Top Three Performing Posts

All of February’s Posts

Major Wins

While I was on my January hiatus, I took some time to map out my monthly goals and plan out my big return. One of my biggest goals was to launch my first digital product, which I did with The 06 Dimensions of Self-Care Workbook.

I knew that I wanted to offer something that could provide value to people struggling with self-care and wellness. I realized that there were tons of self-care worksheets and small guides on how to care for yourself. But, there were not many workbooks that’d allow people to practice what they are learning.

This is how The 06 Dimensions of Self-Care Workbook was born. I went straight onto Canva Design to outline and create the full workbook. It took me about a month and a half to create. Then, I downloaded it and uploaded it to Adobe Acrobat, where I converted it into a fillable pdf.

The product page has gotten at lot of traction and views recently, but i haven’t sold one yet. *Fingers crossed*

Buy The Workbook

March Blogging Theme

Next month, I plan to focus on the self-care dimension emotional wellness.

My March Goals

  • Have content prewritten and scheduled at least a month in advance
  • Make my first workbook sale
  • Focus on Pinterest for advertising workbook

Were you able to accomplish all your goals this month? Let me know in the comments.

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