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05 Best Practices for Using Daily Affirmations 

  • “I’m so stupid.”
  • “I will never be able to succeed.”
  • “My life means nothing.”

Many of us have these frequent negative thoughts. Negative thoughts can impact your self-care level, positivity, confidence, mood, and even how you see yourself. Eventually, if you believe them too often, they become trustworthy and manifests into reality. 

However, there is a way to overcome negative thinking, and that’s through the power of positive affirmations. I love affirmations. They’re simple to use and the perfect way to practice self care and self love. It’s powerful enough to undo the damage done by negative thoughts and help you create change in your life. 

So today, we will be discussing what affirmations are and the best practices for using daily affirmations.

What Are Affirmations?

We’ve all read an article or heard someone speak about the benefits of affirmations. But have you ever understood what they are?

They are simple, positive, and effective statements that trick the brain into thinking that what you’re saying is true. They’re used to challenge and overcome negative thinking and to manifest positive energy into your life. Some everyday things that people typically read affirmations for are love, money, health, and growth. 

Affirmations are short and can easily be understood and read by anyone. Positive affirmations start with the phrases I am and my life. It keeps your subconscious and unconscious thoughts in check by constantly sending positive mental images to the brain. 

There are several ways to use affirmations. But, I will discuss the six best practices for using daily affirmations. 

Get Instant Access to the Riyah Speaks Free Self Care Resource Library by Subscribing to the Blog
Get Instant Access to the Riyah Speaks Free Self Care Resource Library by Subscribing to the Blog

Best Practices for Reading Affirmations 

Pick Affirmations That You Resonate With or Aligns With Your Goals

You can expect this to work if you’re choosing random affirmations. The first step to using any affirmations is to find the ones that you resonate with or aligns with your personal goals. Incorporating affirmations into your daily routine will be a lot easier, more meaningful, and will improve your life if they directly fight against negative thoughts. 

Here are some common goals for reading affirmations

  • Make Money 
  • Find Love
  • Become Healthier
  • Find Happiness
  • Overcome Grief

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Time Block When You Want to Read Them

We’re all a bunch of busy bees. Our daily schedules are jam-packed with work, school, sports, parties…etc. If you’re trying to embrace reading affirmations, then one good way to go about that is to time block them into your schedule. Time blocking is a productivity and time management technique that focuses on how to divide your plan into a specific time frame and to dedicate each time frame to a particular task. 

There are a few different time blocking techniques you can try:

  • By Time 
  • By Day 
  • Task Batching 
  • Time Boxing

Read this excellent 101 on how to time block to learn more

05 Best Practices for Using Daily Affirmations

Practice Deep Breathing Exercises

I will always advise you to try various deep breathing exercises, especially when reading affirmations. Not only are there tons of health benefits to deep breathing, but its a great way to truly allow yourself take in and manfiest the energy you’re trying to grow. There are several deep breathing exercises you can use when reading affirmations.

Find Somewhere Quiet and With a Mirror

A quiet space and a nice mirror makes all the difference in reading affirmations. This gives you an intimate space where you can be vulnerable with yourself free of judgement or inappropriate comments. When you read affirmations, they’re meant to give you a sense of clarity and self assurance. 

One of my favorite ways to practice reading affirmations is by going to the bathroom and using mirror work. Mirror work is one of my favorite forms of self love because of how easily and quick it is. It lets you see how you react to the words you’re speaking to yourself. With this you can adjust them to your self love and mental peace needs. 

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Slowly Read and Repeat Each Affirmation 

Now that you’ve choosen the affirmations you want to use and where you want to read them, it’s time to actually read them. Spend about 05-15 minutes a day reading each affirmation as slow as possible. If you rush through them then you won’t feel the effects of the self love you’re trying to give yourself. Keep repeating this process until you either feel better or believe the words you’re saying. 

Where to Find Affirmations

There are so many blogs and great resources for finding affirmations. If you’re a fan of my work, you can always check out the affirmations tag, which is filled with all of the affirmation and quotes posts I’ve written thus far. 

Other places you can look for affirmations are on Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. You should also check out your favorite books, movies, shows, and songs for other inspiration. 

What are your favorite affirmations?

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  1. I’ve never practiced affirmations in front of a mirror before! It’s a good idea, and I’ve seen/heard people do it before, but I always feel self-conscious, even by myself.

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