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07 Essential Spiritual Self Care Ideas to Try

People are finally starting to understand the importance of self care. Not only is it more implemented in people’s daily routines, but it’s becoming more widely accepted. Practicing self care is essential to learning how to live healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives. There are several dimensions of self care that we must practice. However, some of the dimensions tend to be more underrated due to misconceptions. 

One of the most underrated self care dimensions is Spiritual Self Care. Spiritual Self Care is the practices people use to establish peace and harmony by connecting to your divine self and a divine being. Spiritual self-care focuses on ways you can use spirituality to calm the mind and improve your overall health.

Most people assume that it means to be religious, but that’s not true. There are many different aspects of spiritual self-care that do not include religion. It’s about finding ways to put your body and mind at peace.  There are many kinds of spiritual self care practices that work towards helping you to treat your heart and soul.

Why Should You Practice Spiritual Self Care?

Spiritual self care is just as important as the other self care dimensions. It will allow you to tend to the needs and wants of your heart and soul. Spirituality comes with many health benefits such as improving mood, lowering anxiety, healing aches and pain, and is just great for your overall health. People who practice spirituality often find themselves being pulled to nature or a greater divine being. 

There are many ways you can practice spiritual self care, but here are a few essential spiritual self care ideas you can try. 

Spiritual Self Care Ideas

Contemplative Prayer

I’m not religious, but if you are, then I encourage you to practice contemplative praying. A contemplative prayer is a form of meditation that actively focuses on using your mind to reflect and growing a deeper connection to God. It requires the person to put all of their focus on acknowledging God’s presence and learning to accept his love. For religious people, praying is one of the best spiritual self care ideas to look at.

When using contemplative prayer, there are several things you can reflect on, such as:

  • Your Relationship with God or a Higher Being 
  • Your Relationship with Yourself 
  • Finding Inner Silence
  • Learning Patience and Perseverance. 

To learn more about contemplative prayer, check out this article


This is one of my favorite spiritual self care ideas.  It’s easy, requires zero dollars, and can be done at any time. There are many ways you can practice gratitude, whether it’s through journaling or simply saying thank you to someone. Practicing gratitude helps improve your health by boosting mood, increasing happiness, lowering death rates, and shifting your mindset. Being grateful teaches you to look on the bright side and promotes healthy social connections.


Meditation is similar to contemplative prayer. It focuses on the way you can clear intrusive and negative thoughts while acknowledging your thoughts and feelings. It’s a great way to care for your emotional, spiritual, and mental needs. It’s a technique to focus your mind on a single thought and eliminate all unnecessary thoughts and distractions. Some of the benefits of meditation include gaining stress management skills, reducing negative emotions, and improving mental clarity.

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Yoga is one of the least physically demanding exercise routines. Practicing yoga comes with many health benefits such as improved strength and flexibility, pain relief, relaxation, boosts mood and energy, and better sleep. It teaches the body and mind to check for stress and regulates blood flow. There are many different yoga positions you can try if you’re a beginner. 

Check out these Beginner Yoga Routines on Youtube

Spend Time With Nature

Sometimes you need to take a break from reality, and spending time with nature is the best way to do that. Have you ever noticed that when you’re outside that you feel more at peace or relaxed? That’s because going outside refreshes and recharges your heart and soul. In all honesty, I believe that everyone needs to spend at least 10 to 20 minutes outside to stay energized throughout the day.  Spending time with nature is one of the best spiritual self care ideas I can offer.

Cleanse Space

Have you ever become depressed looking at your desk? Sometimes cleaning your space and throwing away unnecessary items is a good way to put yourself in a good mood. If you’re a spiritual person, you may keep some crystals and candles around to help create positive energy in your work area. Either way, cleansing your space of the clutter will make your heart, mind, and soul happy. 

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I love journaling–Yes I will always advocate about the benefits fo journaling because it’s good for you. Starting a journal or diary helps you to address bottled-up emotions and release the negative energies within you. Journaling is also a great way to practice mindfulness and to care for all of your self care dimensions. Some of the benefits of starting a journal includes reducing the effects of stress, boosting mood, increasing energy, and improving overall health. 

The Importance of Spiritual Self Care 

You cannot truly practice self care without spiritual self care. Spiritual self care is important for finding happiness, inner peace, and calmness in your life. Regardless of who you are, everyone must tend to their spiritual needs here and there. Practicing spiritual self care isn’t limited to one type of individual or group. It’s about finding ways to help ease your heart and mind when stressed and overwhelmed. Take some time off to care for your inner peace by doing something that allows you to connect with nature or a divine god. 

What do you think of these spiritual self care ideas? Let me know if the comments.

5 thoughts on “07 Essential Spiritual Self Care Ideas to Try”

  1. love all these suggestions. i personally love yoga & find it both relaxing & a great way to stay in shape. meditation & having gratitude are also great ways to keep a positive mindset. i’ve done this through journaling before & it really made a difference. thanks for sharing!

  2. Meditation and writing are my forms of self-care. There is room in writing for rumination and musing and self-discovery to be expressed, and meditation helps nourish those thoughts to light. <3

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