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05 Self Love Habits To Change Your Life

This world can be a harsh place, and social media doesn’t make it any easier. This is why more than ever, we need to be kinder to ourselves. And  I’d like to reiterate what I talked about in my post about truly loving yourself because we are our biggest cheerleaders in this life & we need to treat ourselves with more respect. Here are 5 Self Love Habits To Change Your Life

Self Love Habits To Change Your Life

Ask Yourself Why You Self Hate

I sometimes think before we even start in the journey of self-love, we need to evaluate its negative counterpart. Why is it we tend to put ourselves down? Where is this self-hatred even coming from? I think asking ourselves these deep & powerful questions will lead us to the route of our issues. And once we know the answer, we can stop it in its tracks. 

Quit Caring What People Think

I think a lot of our self-doubt & insecurities are filled by other people’s opinions about ourselves. And you have to remember you know yourself better than anyone else. You should wake up loving yourself first, so you don’t feel like you ever need that validation from anyone else in the first place. Those feelings based on other people are secondary. 

Treat Yourself Like Royalty

Confidence is mighty. I believe the biggest component to success is confidence. When we lack this concept, is when insecurities & anxieties start flooding in. Always hold your head up high & know you are always worthy. And the funny thing is, the more content you feel in your life, the more it actually bothers people. It’s almost like people see it as a threat. 

Self love habits to change you life

Think About How You Are Fueling Your body

I could have sat around feeling sorry for myself & my circumstances during quarantine, but I didn’t. I had that racial self-acceptance on lock. At times, I could be an emotional eater. Times like this past year with the pandemic could have really caused me to go back to those habits.  But instead,  I was able to focus on what I could control, which was my health journey. And I was able to become so much healthier in the process. So, always keep in mind the foods you are putting into your body & be sure you think beneficial. 

What You Think Will Be

Not everyone believes in manifestation, and I get that. But there is something to say about keeping your thoughts as positive as possible. I love the quote, “when you focus on the good, the good gets better.” And I spent an entire year focusing on gratitude, which ultimately changed my outlook on life altogether. When the opposite happens & you are thinking more negatively, the self-hatred & problems start appearing. And that type of mindset never makes life easier. 

Bee’s Note

Thank you, Riyah, for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts on self-love, and I hope your readers learn something today. Always remember to have a love for yourself & to treat every day like a gift. If you want to follow my journey to minimalism or know more of my thoughts on lifestyle topics, I’d love it if you’d join the Mind Beauty Simplicity Family — BLOG | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | PINTEREST


Hi, I’m Bee, the writer behind Mind Beauty Simplicity. I’m just a woman at the cusp of 30, sharing her journey to a more intentional life one word at a time. I have a degree in Psychology and a strong passion for writing. I hope you enjoy my perspective on life and all the obstacles that make it worth wild.

2 thoughts on “05 Self Love Habits To Change Your Life”

  1. Great tips! They sound like simple things but they are anything but that. Personally, I find the hardest thing is caring what other people think. I tend to be one extreme or the other when it comes to this. I will care so much that I get anxiety attacks, or I don’t care at all and that leads to other issues. Still trying to find that balance!

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