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100 Positive Emotional Affirmations

One way people manage their emotions and negative thinking by reading or speaking positive affirmations. Positive affirmations help with tricking the brain into believing in certain things that we tell ourselves. They’re also used to create the reality we want, usually attracting wealth, happiness, or romance.

Affirmations are also used for managing our emotions. Emotions play an important role in how we think and behave. The emotions we feel each day can compel us to take action and influence the decisions we make about our lives. It affects the way we practice self-care and love. Whenever I feel down, I take the time to read my favorite emotional affirmations, which I will share in this post.

100 Emotional Affirmations

  1. I am attracting joy into my life.
  2. I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions.
  3. I master my emotions by changing my thoughts.
  4. I will control my emotions.
  5. I always keep my emotions in check.
  6. I am in control of my emotions at all times.
  7. I am honest with my feelings.
  8. I am in touch with my feelings and nurture those which elevate my being.
  9. I focus on peaceful thoughts.
  10. I know how to stay cool in stressful situations.
  11. I monitor my moods at all times.
  12. Today, I will gain emotional strength.
  13. I can express my emotions.
  14. I am in command of my emotional responses.
  15. My feelings are valid.
  16. I will not lose control of my emotions.
  17. Controlling my emotions is becoming easier and easier.
  18. I am transforming into someone who is naturally calm and collected.
  19. Controlling my emotions will improve my life.
  1. Feeling calm is normal for me.
  2. I think about how my actions affect how I feel.
  3. I think before I act.
  4. I am allowed to feel angry, sad, or upset at times.
  5. How I am feeling is completely normal.
  6. Whenever I encounter anger, I respond with love.
  7. The emotional rantings of others never affect my positive mood.
  8. My emotions serve me well.
  9. Every failure can be a learning experience.
  10. I practice elevating my emotions whenever I can.
  11. I take full responsibility for my feelings and actions.
  12. I always take time to process my feeling.
  13. My emotional responses to certain situations are appropriate.
  14. I welcome the lessons my feelings provide.
  15. I practice elevating my emotions whenever I can.
  16. I let my positive beliefs and thinking to guide me to positive emotions.
  17. I am aware of how I feel.
  18. I accurately interpret the emotions of others.
  19. I am naturally attentive to emotions.
  20. I have full confidence in my emotional judgment.
  21. My emotions will be manageable.
  22. I will acknowledge my emotions.
  23. I pick up on mood changes in myself and others.
  24. I manage my feelings.
  25. Understanding emotions come easily to me.
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  1. I am aware of the feelings of those around me.
  2. I can reason with my emotions.
  3. My emotions are under control.
  4. I manage my feelings.
  5. I regulate the emotions of my peers.
  6. I respond appropriately to my emotions.
  7. I accurately interpret the emotions of others.
  8. I am aware that my feelings are the result of my current thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.
  9. I am the author of how I feel.
  10. I always remain calm.
  11. I am finding it easier to calm down when I am stressed.
  12. I find ways to put myself at ease.
  13. I don’t allow negative emotions to take control of my day.
  14. I surround myself with happy thoughts.
  15. I know what my triggers are and how to respond accordingly.
  16. I allow myself to experience each emotion to the fullest.
  17. I listen to how I feel.
  18. I don’t silence how I feel.
  19. I can think clearly in difficult situations.
  20. With each passing day, I am learning how to control my feelings better.
  21. I easily manage my emotions.
  22. I know how I feel and why I feel that way.
  23. Today, I am working towards being happier.
  24. Only I have the power to control how I feel.
  25. I am positive and create happiness and joy for others.
  1. I don’t allow myself to be overwhelmed by negative emotions.
  2. I focus on which emotions I can control.
  3. I never approach situations without considering my feelings first.
  4. I always put how I feel first.
  5. My emotions matter.
  6. My feelings matter.
  7. I listen to how my heart reacts to everything.
  8. I know how to step aside when things get tough.
  9. I enjoy whatever life throws at me.
  10. I recover from unsettling emotions.
  11. It’s okay for me to feel sad, angry, or grieve.
  12. I don’t allow my fears to control how I feel.
  13. I know when to seek help for how I feel.
  14. I will let myself cry when necessary.
  15. I will let express how I feel to my partner respectfully.
  16. I know how to unleash my emotions safely.
  17. I am naturally joyful.
  18. I am naturally always at peace.
  19. I am cool and collected at all times.
  20. I adjust to changes appropriately.
  21. I will not let my emotions get out of hand.
  22. I am feeling exhilarated, agile, and alive.
  23. Every emotion I experience brings me great self-awareness.
  24. Each emotion provides a chance for me to better myself.
  25. Every day I practice feeling the positive emotions of success.
  26. I allow myself to express my feelings when appropriate and healthy.
  27. I am honest with my feelings.
  28. I am cheerful and calm in all situations.
  29. I choose positive emotions at every opportunity.
  30. I have a healthy outlet for my emotional well-being.

Use These Emotional Affirmations Daily

How you feel affects the way you approach everyday situations, how you practice self-care and love. Our emotions play a role in how we think and behave. If you don’t check your emotions, then you’d be a walking time bomb at all times of the day. Change how you feel by speaking positive emotional affirmations to yourself.

Remember that your feelings matter ?

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